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  • Each workout is sent only after you open the previous workout.
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  • We follow up and encourage you to reach out with questions, concerns, and successes!

The SPARK series workouts are great for me as a stay at home Mom! I have dropped all my baby weight and realize it doesn't take hours in the gym, just mindfullness of being active daily and eating right!   ~ A Happy Client~

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30 emailed workouts for the kettlebell beginner. Each workout will arrive in your inbox two days after you open the previous workout. This is a great way to introduce kettlebells into your fitness routine without being overwhelmed and intimidated. The email will include a description and a demonstration of a 10-30 minute kettlebell workout that will get your blood pumping and muscles smiling. Emails will also include nutrition tips and other healthy and active lifestyle information & product discounts.

Phase I:    Mini SPARK     

Phase II:   SPARK II       

Phase III:  SPARK the 3rd