A blonde (Wendy), a brunette (Kim), and a redhead (Jeanette) walked into a yoga/fitness studio and realized that not only did they have a passion for movement and being active, but for CrEATing nutritious and delicious items that nourish the body! Out of that passion came the Healthy Snack Drop project of 2020. Wendy, Kim and Jeanette delivered over 1200 snacks and a variety of soups to local healthy snackers! That was a lot of prepping, washing, chopping, mixing, baking, and delivering!

From the healthy snack drop came the CrEATe Simple Nutrition brand and recipe book! 

Kim, Jeanette & Wendy truly care about what is in your food and know that what you put in your body matters. The recipes, events, and the information provided by CrEATe Simple Nutrition will nourish your mind, body, and soul. All natural, organic & locally sourced whenever possible and chemical free! 

Wendy Sandona, Master Health Counselor- Nourish Wellness Counseling

Kim Rodencal, Yoga Instructor and Goldsmith- YoGarage

Jeanette Roskom, Strengh & Conditioning/Nutiriton Coach- BEACTIVE Health, LLC

Contact us: info@growmarketandstudio.com