Join Us!

Step 1: If you have a MIXFIT punch card, no payment is necessary, we will punch your card for each class you sign up for.  You will get an email or text message with the # of classes you have remaining on your punch card. 
If you do not have a punch card, you can purchase a single class or a package (Step 2). 

Step 2: Sign Up for Class by Clicking the LINK below
1. Click Book Now
2. Select Date and Time
3. Click Book Session or Buy Pricing Plan
   *Book Session - to pay per session $10
   *Book Session-  to select pay in person if you have a punch card
   *Buy Pricing Plan if you want to purchase more than one session
            -- if you purchase a 5 Pack for 55, you will get 1 FREE 
            -- if you purchase a 10 Pack for 99, you will get 2 FREE
4. If purchasing online, fill in information and click Book It. 
5. Continue to PayPal to pay online

You can also sign up using the WIX app as you did for our in-studio classes. 
Download the WIX app - look for Evolve Wrightstown and if you are asked for a Code, enter: BUGKKR

Step 3: Register for the Zoom Meetings - you will only have to Register once. Once you are registered you will be on the meetings list and will have access to the recorded workouts for all the the classes that you SIGN UP FOR (Step 2).
Register in advance:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining Zoom MIXFIT workout!

Step 4: Logging in to Zoom
Click on the link in the email and Zoom will prompt you for the next steps. You can load Zoom on your Desktop, tablet, and/or smartphone. 
Our session will open at 5:10 AM if you want to login a few minutes early and make sure the technology is in working order.

Can't Join us be want access to the live recordings? Follow Step 1 and Step 2 and you will get an email link to access the LIVE class whenever you want! GREAT way to add to your home workout library!