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Custom Programs 
If you are not sure where to start, you are not alone.  All of our services are customized based on resources, goals, and lifestyle needs. We do not push fad workouts or products. We use the most cutting-edge information and training methods to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by teaching safe and effective strength training practices and proper nutrition to people of all ages.  In- person coaching, online coaching, or a combination of in-person coaching and online coaching are available to fit your resources. Email with your specific questions or inquiries. 

Online Programs

Designed and developed for those of you who prefer to get started on your own, in your own space. Don't have time to go to the gym? Don't feel comfortable in front of people? Our SPARK series was designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to get started gaining strength with the use of resistance bands. This is a very affordable program which incorporates full body strength and conditioning movements. Each workout is 15 - 30 minutes and includes videos and written explanations of each movement. Each module in this series contains 42 workouts delivered to your inbox each day after you open and click on the previous workout.  Mini-Spark is the first of 3 modules in this series. Spark II and Spark the 3rd follow with more advanced movements as you progress and get FULL BODY STRONGER.  

We also offer the 30 Days of Kettlebells for the beginner. This is more strength focused program and with commitment and consistency, shows amazing results. 

Increase Confidence - Prevent Injuries - Focus on FULL BODY Strength


  • activity level
  • specific sports and positions
  • growth phase of development
  • prior injuries & health history
  • comfort level of programming 
  • training environment and resources available


  • Age-appropriate physical, mental, and emotional assessment
  • Determine schedule- days of the week and duration of sessions -in person and/or online
  • Define milestone goals and design initial program accordingly
    (keep in mind assessment and alterations are ongoing)


  • All initial strength training is done with body weight resistance and plyometrics
  • Movements are broken down fundamentally 
  • Focus is on flexibility, stabilization, strength and injury prevention